Recently I have had two loved ones whom have been diagnosed with cancer. For now we play the typical wait and see game until we can get more results, more information. This started me thinking. Cancer is a disease that eats you from the inside. It often takes away and destroys the most vital parts of our bodies. I realize though that there is a cancer of the soul. An often un-diagnosed condition that affects those we dearly love, and even ourselves. This affliction eats away at our happiness, our love, and our self worth. It happens every time we say yes when we truly want to say no, when we give up on our dreams (even the small ones) because we don’t think they are realistic, when we don’t take time to open our hearts up to those around us. I know that I have and am still suffering from this disease. I am glad, however, that I know the treatment. To live, to truly live. To begin to chase after those things which stir my soul, to not be afraid to look foolish, to really open myself up to others, and to let loose the love inside my heart. My prayer is that I can continue to walk this path, and to maintain the strength and resolve to not falter or give up. My prayer is that others might see and that they might break free as well. We don’t have to live inside the shadow anymore.


2 thoughts on “Cancer

  1. checkeredowl says:

    “Realistic” has to be one of the most dangerous words in our culture. It’s scary to think how often we trade dreams, vision and momentum for boredom and realism.

  2. […] Change The World By checkeredowl Last night before bed I read two great blog posts the first was by Steve Jones who is the author of a business book called “Rock Star Branding” it was about how, When you do your job with passion and purpose, you change the world, you can read it here. Shortly after I read a post by my friend/family member/fellow blog writer with his name cleverly disguised as “Christhompso”, in it he challenged himself, but by extension me, to really take life and run with it. To fight the power of apathy and so called “realism” that tries to inject its self into our lives. You can read it here. […]

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